Conference Program

MIC Conference 2020

Dear Attendees, In these difficult times, with an ongoing sanitary emergency affecting the entire globe and no clear time horizon for a definitive resolution, we had to make a clear cut decision about the MIC Conference 2020, with four possible options: cancel, postpone, go virtual on-demand, go virtual online. Notwithstanding the fact that nothing is comparable to the bonding that characterizes the real experience of meeting colleagues and friends face-to-face, and fully aware of the fact that the reliability of the Internet can never be 100%, we nonetheless enthusiastically opted for a live online event, completely devoted to creativity studies, with presentations delivered from all-around the globe! As you will see from this Conference Program, the menu is quite rich with Invited Speeches from renown experts, Symposia on hot topics, timely Presentations and Posters of the latest results obtained by our thriving scientific community, and the celebration of the 2020 Marconi Creativity Award, assigned to Isaac Getz for his groundbreaking work on creative organizational approaches based on freedom and altruism. Attendees and Speakers of the MIC Conference 2020 belong to four different continents, spanning 16 hours of different time-zones! In order to facilitate the participation of all, we decided to organize the program around three blocks per day, with large break times in between,  each block identified as “Tempus”, which is latin for “period of time”. Each Tempus is dedicated to a great Italian creative genius:
  • Raffaello Tempus – from 08:15 to 11:30 CEST
  • Leonardo Tempus – from 13:00 to 16:00 CEST
  • Marconi Tempus – from 17:30 to 20:45 CEST
Video recordings of the various Tempi will be made available subject to speakers’ approval. In the Program, to each Tempus a number is added identifying the date: so, for example, Leonardo Tempus 15 is the mid-day block of Tuesday September 15. We look forward to meeting you all online for the MIC Conference 2020!  

Below the Program at a glance (click on the program to download the detailed program)