Online Sessions

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Wed 8, Morning Online Session

9.00Connection check-in

9.15MIC Conference 2021 opening – Giovanni Emanuele Corazza

President of​​ Fondazione Marconi and MIC Founder

9.30MIC Keynote Speech​​ 1

Boris Forthmann

University of Münster

10.00Session 1​​ 

Creativity Training and Augmentation

11.00 Break


11.15Symposium 1 – Chair: S. Agnoli

The Creative Process: The role of​​ Divergent and Convergent thinking

12.00 Session 2

Creativity dynamics across Domains

12.45 Lunch



Wed 8, Afternoon Online Session


14.00Session 3

Creativity and Media

15.00Symposium 2​​ – Chair: C. Lattemann & R. Khalil

Cross-disciplinary​​ perspectives on NeuroDesign



16.15Mini Talks/Posters 1


17.15MIC Keynote Speech 2

Jen Katz-Buonincontro

Drexel University

End 17.45

Welcome Cocktail at Villa Griffone and Guided Visit to the Marconi Museum



Thur. 9, Morning Online Session


9.00Connection check-in

9.15MIC Keynote Speech 3

Vlad Glăveanu

Webster University

9.45Session 4

Creativity across​​ Emotions and Cultures

10.45 Break


11.00Symposium 3​​ – Chair: W. Ross & V. Glăveanu 

Estimating the possible: New methodologies for Possibility Studies

12.00Session 5

Assessing Creative Cognition





Thur. 9, Afternoon Online Session


14.00MIC Keynote Speech 4

Todd Lubart

Université de Paris

14.30Session 6

Neuroscientific approaches to Creativity

15.20Symposium 4​​ – Chair: J. von Thienen

Automated Creativity Measurement



16.35Mini Talks/Posters 2


17.35MIC Keynote Speech 5

Adam Green

Georgetown University

President, SfNC

End 18.05

Social Dinner


Fri. 10, Morning Online Session


9.00Connection check-in

9.15MIC Keynote Speech 6

Maciej Karwowski

University of Wroclaw

9.45Session 7​​ 

Design​​ Thinking and Creativity



11.00Session 8

Exploring Creativity in Educational Settings


12.00Mini Talks/Posters 3







Fri. 10,​​ Afternoon​​ Online Session


14.15Session 9

Creativity for Education, Organizations, and more

15.15MIC Keynote Speech 7

Roni Reiter-Palmon

University of Nebraska


16.00SfNC Symposium– Chair: A. Green

R. Beaty, M. Benedek, C. Di Bernardi Luft, Y. Kenett, and D. Zabelina

17.30SfNC Panel– Moderator: G. E. Corazza

R. Beaty, M. Benedek, C. Di Bernardi Luft, Y. Kenett, A.​​ Green, R. Reiter-Palmon, M. Karwowski, J. Kaufman, and D. Zabelina

Conference Closure​​ 19.00