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The Journal of Intelligence was founded in 2013, it is indexed in SSCI (Web of Science), Scopus, PubMed, PsycInfo, PSYNDEX, and many other databases. Currently, the journal receives its first Impact Factor of 3.176 (54th out of 147 journals in “Psychology, Multidisciplinary” in SSCI edition) and a rising CiteScore of 4.0. 


The journal publishes articles on a broad variety of topics related to the domain of intelligence and cognition: cognitive plasticity, intelligence-related abilities and skills (e.g. creativity (one article in the top ten cited), emotional intelligence), academic achievement, social cognition, personal intelligence, the SAT, general intelligence, and many more.


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Intelligence and Creativity (Guest Editors: Roger Beaty and Mathias Benedek)

Creativity, Intelligence, and Collaboration in 21st Century Education: An Interdisciplinary Challenge (Guest Editors: Frédéric Darbellay, Zoe Moody and Todd Lubart)