Detailed information for individual paper (symposium)

– Presentations must be delivered in English, the official language of the MIC Conference.

– Symposia are allotted a time-slot of 60 minutes. Since Symposia have a different number of speakers, the chairs of the symposia are asked to organize the time presentation of each presentation in order to respect the length of the planned time-slot. Please practice your presentation to adjust your timing accordingly.

– Given the hybrid mode of the conference, please use the PDF presentation modality, provided that it allows a good readability for both the in presence and the online audience. Presenters are requested to send to and a shared link on dropbox (or a different file-sharing service) containing their PDF presentation within Sunday, August 28.

– As a back-up solution, we would like to suggest preparing a short video of 10/12 minutes, which could be used by the conference organizers in the case of connection issues. Presenters are requested to send to and a shared link on dropbox (or a different file-sharing service) containing their videos within Sunday, August 28.

Please note that this option is not mandatory.

In-presence presenters will be provided with all facilities for their presentation (computer, microphone, webcam). In order to allow a synchronization between online and in-presence presenters and attendees, also in-presence talks will be delivered through the online Zoom Platform using the FGM-MIC Zoom account. For this reason, the use of personal computers by presenters will not be allowed, but presentations will be delivered through the onsite computers that will be made available to the presenters.