Call for contributions

Given the new virtual modality, the call for contributions has been exceptionally re-opened!

Download the Extended Call for Contributions

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following thematic areas:

Creativity and Innovation in Psychology and Education

  • Creative cognition
  • New methods in creativity research
  • Theoretical aspects of creativity
  • Evaluation processes
  • Ideation processes
  • Genius, creativity and talent
  • Creativity and emotions
  • Creativity and development
  • Creative education methods

Creativity and Innovation in Neuroscience

  • Neurological substrates of creativity
  • Innovation in brain mapping methodologies
  • Brain stimulation for creativity
  • Neuroscientific models for creative thinking

Creativity and Innovation in Design and Engineering

  • Future studies
  • Problem solving
  • Mathematical aspects of creativity
  • TRIZ
  • Artificial creativity
  • Intuitive machines
  • Complex systems
  • Discovery and invention
  • Design methodologies

Creativity and Innovation in Economic and Social Sciences

  • Creativity and fashion
  • Creativity and society
  • Social creativity
  • Innovation in economy and business
  • Cultural and creative industry
  • Human resources development
  • Innovation networks
  • Information society trends

Two types of submission modalities are available:

SYMPOSIUM PROPOSAL (3 or 4 speakers)

1. Title of the symposium (max 100 characters)

2. Thematic area: choose one of the conference thematic area

3. General summary: max 300 words describing the content of the symposium

4. Chairperson: Name, highest educational degree, email, work telephone number, institution/business affiliation

5. Authors: names, highest educational degree, institution/business information

6. Abstract for each presentation (max 250 words)


1. Title of the presentation (max 100 characters)

2. Principal author: names, highest educational degree, institution/ business information

3. Co-authors: names, highest educational degree, institution/business information

4. Preference: poster or paper presentation

5. Thematic area: please choose one of the conference thematic areas

6. Abstract: max 250 words describing the content of the presentation

7. Key-words: max 3 keywords for your abstract